Atomic Energy Central School - Aswapuram, Manuguru
Atomic Energy Central School - Aswapuram, Manuguru
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Annual Report




Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me immense pleasure to meet you all once again here, at this venue, on the occasion of the 31st Annual School Day. 

Right from the beginning of the academic year, we, the members of AECS(M) are resolved with  one vision and mission in our hearts- to provide the best possible education for the children of our school and to give best experiences to aid their all round development.

From this platform here, I’d like to present to you all, a glimpse of the range of activities that are undertaken in our school the year round.

To begin with - 

I)      School Profile:

The school runs from classes Pre-Prep to X, with two sections in each class. The number of students studying at present is 716, with 347 girls and 369 boys.

As for the faculty, there are 32 permanent teachers and two teachers on contract basis. There are 16 PRTs 16 TGTs, 3 Prep teachers, 2 lab assistants, 3 office staff and 10 multipurpose staff. This year, there have been quite a few transfers in the teaching faculty in the middle of the academic year, and in spite of these changes, academic and CCA in our school have been carried on unhindered. The student teacher ratio is very healthy with 22 : 1.


II)           Academic distinctions:


‘Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world’- Nelson Mandela


The primary existence of a school is for imparting scholarly and intellectual knowledge. Hence, we in our school never lose sight of this objective. It gives me immense pride and satisfaction to convey to the eminent gathering here, that in the March 2014 CBSE examination,  our students, scored an all time high result so much that it was acknowledged by the Human Resource Development Ministry. 11 of our teachers received appreciation letters from the Ministry.


The result of class 10 was 100% pass with 14 students scoring A1 grades. The Quality Index is 8.3 and the Excellence Index is 96.9%.


The following are the students who scored A1 Grade in all the subjects. TL.Archita, VS.Gayatri, TSV.Mahesh, ShashankPushkar, T.Himasri,  T.Soujanya, PC.Lakshmi Bala, Richa Kumari, B.Sowmya Reddy, B.Sree Bindu, Punyasloka Mahapatra, B.Sree Vidya,  G.Aditya and V. Ambarisha.


I take this opportunity to congratulate all the students, teachers and parents for this admirable performance.


Another moment of immense delight is that, Master TSV. Mahesh scored the highest percentage of marks among all the class X CBSE students in Khammam district and was awarded with a memento and a certificate by ISRO, at Sriharikota. Well done Mahesh!


In the primary school 109 students, out of 330, scored A* grade in all the subjects against 85 in the previous year. The diligence of both the students and the teachers is reflected here. My congratulations to all of them.


III)         Co curricular activities:


‘The world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players’


In the primary and secondary school on an average 30 competitions were conducted and over 270 students will receive CCA prizes on the CCA day. Apart from this, students from our school participated in inter school competitions both at the state and district levels.


i)             In the Inter AECS Zonal Level Debate  Competetion, held at Hyderabad, Pournami.G.Panicker of class 10 and M.Akhila of 9th got third prize.


ii)           In the 23rd Balotsav, the inter school fete( feit) held at Kothagudem, our students.


1)   Pournami G.Panicker secured first prize in English elocution (sr)

2)   M.Akhila got first in Solo song (sr)

3)   M.Ruthika of class 5, also got first in Solo song (jr)


iii)         In 11th Pragnya Inbhadra , Inter School competitions held by the Rotract Club of  Bhadrachalam , our students bagged the  Overall  Best School Championship, the  fourth time in a row.


1)   K.Sai Sriram of X and Anisha Mahapatra of 9th were awarded first and second positions in English Extempore respectively. (pronounced Ek’stemperi)


2)   GNVS Ganesh, Priyesh Dash and Anisha Mahapatra of 9th got first in Science Fair and M.S.Nikhilesh, Md. Ahmedullah Farooqui and  YV.Roopesh Bharadwaj of X received second prize in  Science Fair.  


3)   G.Varun and Eshwar Reddy of X, and G.Nitin Reddy of 9th class secured first in Quiz.


4)   P.Nishant of class 9th got second in Chess.

 The Inter  AECS  Science Quiz, which was held at AECS, Anupuram, Ch.V.N.Sindhu and Karan Chincholy of class 8th got first and second positions in  Science Quiz respectively.


IV)          ART- ‘Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment’


a) Sanjay Bhargav of Class 8th the most talented child in Art, got third in All India Inter AEES Art Competition, 3rd in Balotsva, 2014 and Consolation in National Painting Competition conducted by the Ministry of Water Resources ,Govt. of India.                                                                                                        


b) Sanjay Bhargav, Shruti Gupts of class 8th , R.Bobby Nikhil of 6th  and Vidyaranya of 5th were awarded cash prize of Rs1000/-  each and a gift hamper for their participation in State Level  Art Competition conducted by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India at Hyderabad.


c) Karan Chincholy and Sanjay Bhargav of class 8th  got first and second prizes respectively in Stamp  Designing Competition organized by the Hindu  & India Post.


d) Sanjay Bhargav and Karan Chincholi of class 8th got third prize in Painting Competition in 11th Pragnya Inbhadra  Inter School competitions held by Rotract Club of Bhadrachalam.


e) (i) P.Jonathan Paul, Bhargava Chary, B.M.Rahul andK.Bhanu Adarsh of class 9th have received first prize  in Collage Work.


(ii) K.R.Vaishnavi, Darshita Suman Dev, Aishwarya Kumar Singh, and R.Jaswanth of class 9th   were awarded first in Painting Competition


(iii) G.Sanjay Bhargav, Karan Chincholy, B. Bhanu Teja and S.Sumanth  of class 8th got second prize in Poster Making competition conducted by Harvest Public School, Khammam , on the occasion of National Unity Day, the birth day of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.



f) Praharsh Suman Dev of class 5th  and Ankit Das of 2nd were awarded  Kalaratna gold medals for  Drawing and Handwriting competitions respectively conducted by Akhil Baharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra.


V)  Science Exhibition: ‘I see, I know, I study, I remember, I do, I understand’.


Our school conducted the school level Annual Science, Mathematics, Social Science and Teaching Aids Exhibition on 26th June 2014.  It was inaugurated by the Chairman LMC, CGM, HWP (M) Sri C.Seshasai.


A total of 172 exhibits from high school and 38 exhibits from primary were on display.


Three projects from our school  -The Science exhibit - ‘Wave Energy’ prepared by M.Sai Nikhilesh, Md Ahmedullah Farooqui and YV.Roopesh Bharadwaj of class X,  The Mathematics exhibit- ‘Proofs of Pythagoras, Propounded by Boudhayana by K.R.Vaishnavi, Aishwarya Kumar Singh and  R.Jaswanth of 9th, The Social Studies Exhibit ‘The Cradle of Civilization-Indus Valley ’ by GNVS.Ganesh, Priyesh Dash and Anisha Mahaptra of 9th were selected to participate in the All India Inter AECS Science, Mathematics, Social science and Teaching Aids Exhibition-2014, organized at AECS, Indore.


VI) Sports and Games:

Medals aren't really made of metal. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we at AECS, Manuguru  accord the same status to sports and games as academics. Students are taken to the playground regularly by our dedicated PETs.


a) A summer coaching camp was organized  from 23rd March to 19th April, 2014 in Volleyball and Basketball in which 50 students were trained.


b) Kum B.Saharsha of class 9th received bronze medal in the         3000 mts race  in the CBSE  Athletics  cluster meet held at Humnabad, Karnataka. She had won accolades for herself and the school last year too. We’re proud of her.


c) The U-14 boys and girls basketball team are going to participate in the All India Inter AECS Basketball tournament to be held at AECS Anupuram from 16th December to 19th December. We wish them all the best.


d) Intramurals  i.e sports and games events between the four houses, under separate categories have been undertaken at regular intervals for High School and Primary School children. Nearly, 230 prizes will be distributed to the winners of these events on the Annual Sports Day.


VII)       NCC- National Cadet Corps:


The National Cadet Corps ( pronounced-CORE) was established to train and prepare a force of young men and women who would heed  the call of the nation in times of need. 35 cadets passed in the ‘A’ certificate exam conducted in the month of January. In August 2014, the boys’ Alpha Contingent won the first position in the drill competition.  The second year cadets will be appearing for their ‘A’ certificate NCC exam in February, 2015.



VIII) The Investiture Ceremony-2014-


‘With position comes responsibility, in executing responsibilities, comes reliability and  confidence’

By bestowing responsibilities and positions to our young leaders in school, we provide them with the experience of taking responsibilities for others and leading teams for the success of any activity.


On 24th June 2014 the investiture ceremony was organized and the Students’ Governing Council  was constituted and bestowed with the insignia by the Chief Guest, the General Manager, (O) HWP(M)                Sri K. Vishwanath. The complete cabinet received their insignia from the Chief Guest along with School Captain for Girls -Kum Pournami.G.Panicker and School Captain for Boys -T.Eshwar Reddy. In the primary school the Principal bestowed the insignia to the School Captain Kum AaKruti Tiwari of class 5th and the Vice-Captain Kum Varshita of 4th and to the other cabinet members.


IX) Teachers’ Day Celebrations:


‘A teacher is like a sculptor, without whose tough honing a student remains a coarse rock.’


On 5th September this year, like every year we celebrated the Teachers’ Day commemorating the birth anniversary of the former President of India Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A host of dignitaries and LMC members joined the teachers in the celebrations. Sri.A.Satya Kishore, HM and      Sri DSP.Rao were honoured and felicitated by the special invitees -the Chaiman LMC, Sri C.Seshasai and the GM (O) Sri K.Vishwanath, for having successfully completed 25 years of service in AEES.


X) Societal Enrichment and Educational Programme


As part of the corporate social responsibility, the Department of Atomic Energy had initiated the adoption of talented and bright students from economically and socially disadvantaged families from the neighbourhood into the schools administered by Atomic Energy Education Society under the scheme Societal Enrichment and Educational Programme. As of now, the number of SEEP(TNP) students stands at 105 -  57 girls and 48 boys.


XI) Field trips


The students of class 9 were taken to a farmland to witness various farming related activities. They were escorted by their science teachers, Mr D.S.P Rao and Mrs Surekha.


XII) Observing Special Weeks:


We at AECS Manuguru observed the Vigilance Awareness Week, Communal Harmony Week, the Science Week, the Hindi Week, to foster patriotism, responsible social and moral behaviour, promote scientific temper and a love for our national language.


XIII)  Donating for a Noble Cause:


The students of the school had an opportunity of contributing to the welfare of the specially disabled people when an NGO Divine Charitable Trust visited the school with its visually impaired rock band that performed and enthralled the students on 28th October,2014.


Students and teachers also generously donated Rs……….towards the Communal Harmony Relief Fund to help children orphaned in communal riots.

XIV) Coaching Classes for State and National Level Exams:


Students are encouraged to appear for varied external examinations in order to provide them the required exposure and to help them to be on par with the students in schools in the cities.

Teachers of the school have been taking extra coaching classes to train students for various examinations like NSO, NTSE, IMO and others.


XV) External Examinations and Their Results:


a)   The National Science Olympiad

In the second round of 16th National Science Olympiad , conducted on 16th February 2014,  A.Bharadwaj of 9th secured the 16th national rank .


b)  The International Mathematics Olympiad:

In the second level test of 7th International Mathematics Olympiad held in Khammam on 16th February 2014, Master G.Rishwik of class 4, secured the state 4th rank.


c)   The International English Olympiad:

In the 4th International English Olympiad , in collaboration with the British Council, held on 17th January 2014, 66 students appeared for the exam. Our school received 8 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Kum VS Gayatri of class10th got 2nd rank at State level and 4th  rank at International level.


d)  National Cyber Olympiad :


The 13th National Cyber Olympiad conducted by SOF, was held on 14th October 2014.



24 students appeared for the same. 3 students secured high ranks in the state and national level and qualified to participate in the National Level exam. Master A.Vishal of class 5  got state 56th rank, G.Sathvik of 6th secured 16th  state rank and 77th national rank and  G.Jaswanth Ram of 6th secured  72nd State rank.


Other external exams that are conducted for our students are: NTSE conducted by NCERT,  Green Olympiad or Terra Quiz conducted by the Ministry of Environmrnt and Forests, Govt. of India, the UN.Information test by USO, New Delhi


XVI) Hindi Week Celebrations-


Any country is known by its language, its flag, its citizens. We are proud to have Hindi as the official language. A number of activities are conducted both for the students and staff to help in the wide usage of Hindi. In the month of September, Hindi week celebrations were held. A number of competitions were conducted for students under two categories-


Dr  S.Venkateswarlu, Hindi Teaching Scheme, Dept. of Official Language ,Hyderabad, Ministry of HRD was the chief guest at the Valedictory function. 


XVII)  Health & Well Being Programme:


The Students of our school are going to undertake a door to door campaign on the importance of maintaining eye health and promoting eye donation.


XVIII)  National Cleanliness Mission and Swachh Vidyalaya Mission:


Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our nation was of the firm belief that a nation could not be  completey independent  until and unless it was clean and its citizens were healthy and hygienic. He also insisted that people themselves should take up the task of cleaning and sanitation and work for the upliftment of night soil workers. Dignity of labour was another driving force for him.


Keeping Gandhiji’s ideals in mind the Swachh Bhatarth Abhiyan launched by the Govt. of India was kick started in our school too. Teams of students, the principal, the headmaster and the teachers undertook the cleaning of our surroundings in a concerted manner.


Added to this drive, the CBSE has initiated another mission called the Swachh Bhatarth Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan encouraging students of all the CBSE schools to undertake the cleaning of their campuses themselves. Its aim is to foster a profound sense of personal hygiene, cleanliness of the environs, zero tolerance to dirt, garbage and unhealthy insanitary living conditions. Students from all classes have been participating in it with enthusiasm and gusto. This drive has now become an on-going one, which will continue to be carried on.


XIX)  Talks in Sessions:


a)   An interactive talk was given by  Prof Venkatarajaiah, Associate Prof. English, Osmania Technological University  on 6th February,2014. He spoke on  techniques for enhancing memory and importance of soft skills.


b)  Dr Pratap Reddy of the Ramachandra Mission  conducted a  session on enhancing memory, mental, physical and spiritual health for all the  students.


c)   Dr Pradeep Godbole  of the Heavy Water Plant Hospital, addressed the children in the Morning Assembly  on 25th  April 2014, on the topic the World Malaria Day.


d)  A guest lecture was given by the Wing Commander SN.Rao, an ex serviceman, in the Morning Assembly on 19th November. He urged students to take up a  career in the Indian Air force.


e)    Counseling Sessions: Smt Jyoti Reddy  HWP(M) Hospital,  provided her valuable services by interacting with students completely on a one -on-one basis.


f)    Adolescent Education Programme: Dr Smt Jayanti Srivastav  of HWP(M) hospital, spoke to the secondary school students on the topic, ‘adolescence’.


XX) Parent – Teacher Meetings


Though the principal and the teachers interact with parents informally on many occasions, a formal platform, the Parent –Teacher Meeting is organized by the school at regular intervals.


A healthy interaction between the three stakeholders of the school, the child, the parent and the teacher is a key in bringing forth the welfare of the child; this helps them in keeping abreast with the progress of the children.


XXI)  The  LMC and the SAC


The school is supported in its activities by two advisory bodies,


The Local Management Committee of the school under the chairmanship of Sri C.Seshasai, CGM, HWP (M) is a body which we can fall  back upon and count on whenever there are decisions  to be taken or issues to be resolved. Their members have been showing their keen interest in the activities of the school, giving timely inputs for the school’s betterment.


The School Advisory Board with its members drawn from the spectrum of the HWP (M) employees is yet another important support structure that helps in the smooth functioning of the school.


Ladies and gentlemen, as we move forward in this journey of ours, we have crossed many milestones. We have raised the bar of excellence. Every batch of students is surpassing and doing better than the previous one. We have been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated people.


From this platform, I express my deep gratitude to the Chairman, AEES, Dr Sri JV. Yakhmi and Dr Sri DK.Aswal, Secretary, AEES for their guidance and support.

 I am immensely grateful to the Chairman, LMC, CGM, HWP (M), Sri C.Seshasai for his leadership, direction and concern he has been showing to the school, both in deeds and words, both during sunshine and rain. Thank you sir.


It’s appropriate that I convey how grateful I feel to the members of the LMC, SAC and the PUVVN for the time and thought they have spared for the school’s well being.


I also, take this opportunity to thank my team, my staff, for working in synergy and Cooperation which is crucial for accomplishing the tasks we are assigned to do.


Their faith and the understanding they have for me, is indeed, moving and heartening. Thank you very much.


Finally, my thanks are due to all the parents for their support and  co- operation.


In conclusion, I would say, AECS(M), is one of the best AEC Schools in our society. We are ranked among the top 10 of AEC Schools. We consistently are in the pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to give our best to the children in the eternal belief that the foundation of the school lays for them will turn them into responsible, successful, hardworking and  upright human beings.


With these words I end my speech.

I truly hope you’ll enjoy today’s cultural programme.


Thank you, thank you one and all.   


Atomic Energy Central School - Aswapuram, Manuguru

GAUTAMINAGAR, ASWAPURAM - 507 116, KHAMMAM DIST., A.P. PH : 08746 - 224479

AFFILIATION NO : 130034     |     SCHOOL CODE : 06078
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